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Construction and Infrastructure

From greenfield construction, infrastructure, and operations to demolition – Worldwide Electric’s motors, controls, speed reducers, and generators support the most severe applications.

Reliable Equipment for Demanding Applications.

Worldwide Electric’s distributors partner with construction companies to ensure their equipment is operational and working as efficiently as possible — day-in, day-out. Construction applications often need heavy-duty, high-torque motors, high-power variable frequency drives or motor starters, and reliable generators.

When supporting infrastructure, such as tunnels, bridges, and waterways, we have motors that drive fans and blowers for air extraction, motors to raise bridges, and pump water.

We understand the costs of running heavy-duty machinery, equipment, and systems. We have quality and affordable products in stock and ready to ship. Contact your local distributor and ask for Worldwide Electric.

Equipment Manufacturers, Packagers, and Solutions Providers

Our standard products provide consistency and reliability for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and product packagers. We have what you need in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today because the reliability of your equipment depends on the source and reliability of your components.


Close-couple Pump Motors

Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Severe Duty Motors

Variable Frequency Drives – Enclosed Packages

Motor Soft Starters – Enclosed Packages

Across-the-Line Starters

Positive Displacement Pump – Enclosed Packages