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Shaft Mount Gear Reducers

WorldWide Electric offers four lines of WorldWide Electric Shaft Mount Reducers, all dimensionally equivalent to the popular line of TXT shaft mount reducers for universal compatibility. The Original, the Eliminator, the Original-Hydraulically Powered and the Ultimate Shaft Mount Reducer are designed to be mounted directly to an existing shaft or an accessory driven shaft. Β The Eliminator and Ultimate Shaft Mount Reducers are pre-drilled for mounting with an optional screw conveyor flange.

Commonly utilized for the transmission of power to conveyors in aggregate, agricultural, and material handling applications, WorldWide Electric Shaft Mount Reducers offer specs including 9:1 to 25:1 ratios, 1-15/16” to 6-1/2” hollow output bores, metal reinforced double lip spring loaded oil seals, all-cast iron housings, and 2-3 year warranties.