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ROM 1 – Remote Operating Module

WorldWide Electric’s ROM 1 allows you to reduce your time spent in the field to check up on your operations by providing information at your fingertips. A simple add-on to your existing equipment, the ROM 1 will enable you to view system statuses in real-time, view automatically-generated reports, and get notified of critical issues via email and text alerts 24/7.

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As a control device, you can immediately power up or down your equipment from your mobile phone anywhere you have service. It provides additional control* inputs and outputs, to connect and monitor other devices, such as pressure, temperature, or flow. The ROM 1 is cloud-based, straightforward to set up and operate, and WorldWide Electric’s Technical Support team has your back – helping you step-by-step.


Ease of Use
– Easy to Install
– Small footprint
– DIN-rail Mounted
– Standard Industrial IO Connections
– Simple Online Setup from your Phone
– Cloud-based Software Application

Easy to Maintain
– Automated Software Updates
– Unlimited Technical Support
– Renewable 3-Year Plan

Monitoring and Control Features
– Automated Reports
– Real-time Alerts
– Location Tracking
– “Last-Gasp” Battery for Loss-of-Power Alert
– Industrial IO for Start/Stop Control, PID Control, Logic Tables and VFD, or Soft Starter Control



Model Number