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Vertical Hollow Shaft – WPI

Premium Efficient Motors for Turbine Pump Applications
WorldWide Electric’s Premium Efficient Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors (WPEVHS) are designed for use in turbine pump applications, including irrigation, energy generation, mining, municipal water, and chemical applications. Ideally suited for use with inverters or soft starts, WPEVHS Series motors are the smart solution for both standard and high-thrust installations. Backed by a two-year warranty, these durable motors feature outer epoxy corrosion-resistant paint, epoxy-coated rotor and windings, and a felt end bell seal to protect from pump seal failure.


Sample Part Number: WPEVHS15-18-254TP-10. Each model number contains the product family, horsepower, rpm, frame size, and base size. All models are 1800 RPM and use 18 as an order code identifier. Only include the 460 Voltage option in an order code i.e. WPEVHS125-18-460-254TP-DB-16.5


  • Output: 10 – 500 hp at 1800 rpm
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Service Factor: 1.15 SF
  • Two Year Warranty
  • 230/460 Volts (10 – 100 hp)
  • 460 Volt (50 – 500 hp only) are Suitable for Part Winding Start (PWS)
  • Weather Protected (WPI) enclosure with rodent screens
  • IP23 protection
  • Class F insulation
  • Vertical P base
  • Premium efficiency
  • Inverter duty, 10:1 VT
  • Spike-resistant wiring per NEMA MG – 1 Part 31
  • 120 Volt Space Heaters
  • Double thrust bearing design (100 – 500 hp) for deeper well applications
  • Winding RTDs (125 – 500 hp)
  • Gray epoxy paint for cooler surface temperature
  • Standard coupling size included